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We appreciate the instants of pleasure that the natural environment grants us when approached with curiosity and respect: the courtship display of the male great bustards turned into big cotton balls in the green cereal fields; that drinking trough hidden in the mountains, cradle and home of dozens of alpine newts; a Cantabrian brown bear recent footprint on your way; the stationary flight of black-winged kite examining the opportunities of the terrain; the concert of hundreds of european tree frogs accompanying the beginning of the sunset; the accuracy of a bearded vulture "setting its table" on a scree; a group of sundews exhibited like goldsmith items on the cushion of a mountain bog; the twinkle of an aspen forest swayed in the wind; an efficient middle spotted woodpecker scrutinizing the bark of a great oak tree; a pine marten leaning out at dusk from inside a hollow branch of a chestnut tree; the clamor of the azure-winged magpie raising the alarm about the presence of the Iberian lynx; the discovery of a Cantabrian capercaillie feather on a blueberry bush; the snowy shoulders of the Iberian imperial eagle’s black cloak; the flashing red signals revealing the presence of the wallcreeper as it climbs up the rocky wall; the multicolored parade of the European bee-eaters on the sandy slope…

Us - Two Birds One Stone

We also devote well deserved time to honor those moments shared with friends around some wood fire grilled “lechazo” lamb chops and a wine jug, in an underground cellar in Esgueva Valley; or some spoonfuls of honey right from the hive, amidst a Cantabrian oak wood; or some wild trout stuffed with spring mushrooms baked in a wood cook stove, after a fishing day in the meadows; or some corn flour ‘tortos’ with ‘picadillo’ in a long table during the ‘espicha’ of a cider barrel; or a glass of choice wine that insinuates the secrets of his aging, under the branches of a centenary Holm oak by the Duero River; or a piece of blue cheese at its optimal maturity, in a hidden cave in Picos de Europa; or a freshly cut Iberian ham dish in the middle of a ‘dehesa’ in Salamanca; or a piece of Carbajales bread dipped in extra-virgin olive oil; or a Castilian cheese wedge on Candeal bread, resting on a lost field in the cereal steppe; or a T-bone steak among the ‘kupelas’ of a cider house; or a carpaccio’ of Caesar's Mushrooms, freshly collected in La Carballeda; or a dish of beef stewed with potatoes, cooked slowly on a trivet over the fire; or a generous fresh grilled albacore tuna slice; or a little glass of cherry liqueur after a ‘Cocido Lebaniego’, or a ‘ajoarriero’ style cod loin separating into juicy slices, or a ‘Sanabresa’ style octopus in Porto de Sanabria...

Us - Two Birds One Stone

And along with all these eye candy and food for the soul, we admire the expressions of rural culture that coexist and transversely interact with them: a ‘cortín’ protecting the ‘truébanos’  from the appetite of the brown bear in a Cantabrian hillside; a walk with a ‘trashumante’ flock of sheep as they go through their paths and routes driven by the promise of greener pastures; the stones driven in the dirt marking the boundaries of the ‘cortinas’ in some fields of Zamora; listen to a shepherd explaining his tricks to handle his flock; discover what is a ‘cucurril’, an ‘esperteyu’, a ‘tasugo’, a ‘doronciella’ or an ‘aguzanieves’; spend the night in a ‘filandón’, the afternoon in an ‘amagüestu’; know the artisan process for Gamoneu cheese elaboration; dance to the bagpipes during a ‘espicha de prau’; witness how the country folk start spontaneously singing ‘montañesas’ in a Cantabrian tavern; take part in a duel of wits and rhymes to the sound of a ‘rabel’

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.