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1. We treat customers as travelers, not tourists

The experiences are integrated into the real context of the visited territory, running away from the consumption of programmed activities, designed on artificial paradigms that have little or nothing to do with the reality and circumstances of the environment.

We offer the direct, calm and relaxed experience of Iberian nature and the diverse interactions with the environment and ways to understand life of its dwellers.

The admired values are not enjoyed only stopping to “take a picture”. We take the time necessary and wanted.

We dispense with the straitjacket of tight schedule fulfillment, which often hamper the true enjoyment and comprehension of what is perceived. This does not imply improvisation or lack of contents. On the contrary, it comes to something far more difficult than the mere concatenate execution of a timetable of activities: a guided freedom that attaches importance to the existence of space, time and appropriate ways for proper assimilation and understanding of things.

We try to satisfy and exceed the individual expectations of every traveler, adapting to their requirements and needs of environmental interpretation. We do not want to serve as a programmed “audio-guide”, but rather as companions who facilitate and enable a personal discovery, as we understand that in this way the feelings are more intense and there is a greater and more intimate enrichment. 

We work with small groups of travelers, which allow the personalized attention sought, the elimination of the “flock tourism” sensation and the minimization of the impacts of all kinds on the environment.

We search the less exploited options, avoiding the crowds that sometimes occur in the most habitual and known circuits. However, occasionally the only or the best way to enjoy some very specific values involves assuming the presence of more or less numerous groups of tourists/travelers. Even then, we make sure the experiences have the maximum exclusivity possible.

2. The proposed experiences are interesting for different degrees of enthusiasm and skill

The range of activities covered and the way they are laid out, enables every traveler who appreciates in any measure the discovery, observation, and direct knowledge of nature, culinary and/or cultural values to find the proposed experiences attractive.

Technical skills, deep knowledge of the territory as well as the broad communication experience provided by the guides-companions makes possible both basic, medium and advanced enthusiasts satisfy their aspirations.

3. Small is big

The appreciation of the sensations that the most spectacular and striking things come to provide is evident. In addition, we know as well how to value the great pleasure that lies behind the “small” things.

We believe that the beauty of a firecrest, a badger or a honeysucker, is as much as that of a marbled duck, an Iberian lynx or a Serapias perez orchid. Of course we recognize the appeal of the scarcity and the endemism and consequently we concede these attributes the importance and attention that they certainly deserve, but we do not lose for that reason the opportunity to enjoy those magic instants that increase our account of happy moments, even when they are granted by well-known species or phenomena.

Tasting highly sophisticated specialties in the most acclaimed restaurants, watching the landscape from the comfort of a fully equipped SUV or staying at the most luxurious hotel, may be representative of a high quality travel, no doubt about it. But we understand that “quality” is a relative concept and each person has their own set of values and priorities. Therefore, we also pay attention to other aspects also capable of improving the quality of our travels: because eating a piece of a nice cured pig loin over a chunk of good bread and drinking a fine wine for lunch after a hike through stunning unknown places, or sitting on a straw bale to watch the sunset, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, is luxury as well.

4. We do not pursue checking species on a list

Neither the philosophy of the project nor the approach of the proposed experiences allow us to pursue the checking of species names in a list of “missing trophies” as a main objective in our travels. We do not consider natural values simple items in a collection of supposed merits.

5. Exemplary project

We strongly believe that the natural environment of an area hosts a great potential to play a significant role in its socio-economic development, beyond its mere timber, hunting or promotional exploitation. We are devoted to prove it and make local communities appreciate/discover that capacity and be the first involved in conservation.

6. We give priority to honesty, integrity, sincerity and transparency over economic benefit

What we offer is what we will do in our travels. Therefore, we accurately explain travel conditions and we will resolve with absolute clarity any doubts that may arise prior to contracting our services, avoiding the generation of false expectations that can potentially cause frustration or annoyance. We want the surprises to be always positive and we prefer making less money rather than disappoint you.

7. Social responsibility

We are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. We have the utmost respect and admiration for the natural and cultural diversity of the different environments and local communities we visit.

We intend to lead by example, be a model and make the difference to be a part of a change towards a social economy governed by the common good and cooperation. We identify with the values underlying the system proposed by the movement Economy for the Common Good: honesty, solidarity, cooperation and responsibility. Therefore, business success takes on a new meaning associated with the improvement of personal and ecological relationships. The financial benefit is no longer an end and becomes a means, and growth is only necessary to achieve an optimal business size.

Our Values Two Birds One Stone

All these values and beliefs are inspired and conditioned by three mandatory premises: maximum respect, maximum authenticity and maximum benefit for the territory.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.