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We promote ecotourism as a way to travel and enjoy the natural and cultural diversity of the planet. According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), this activity is defined as “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. We subscribe their fundamental principles.

Our commitments Two Birds One Stone

1. Minimize environmental and social impacts

We avoid causing harm or nuisance to animals or plants of the visited area, keeping a prudent distance, always respecting restricted areas and seasons and working exclusively with small groups. We strongly reject any invasive and shocking practice intended to increase the chance to watch certain species. 

We ensure that our activities produce the least environmental impact possible and we are committed to a continuous improvement in this aspect. We make a big effort in residue recycling, as well as in energy and water saving. We are people engaged in fair-trade and ecological responsible consumption and sustainable mobility.

We select at each location the most responsible establishments (accommodation, restaurants, food producers, etc.) regarding their energy consumption and waste management and we demand a continuous reduction of their environmental impact.

We try to avoid causing any trouble or damage to local people or their livelihoods, seeking to maintain a respectful and friendly contact, which greatly enriches the experience of the traveler.

2. Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

two birds one stone has between its aspirations the promotion of the huge and varied natural heritage of the Iberian Peninsula as well as the valuable cultural and culinary heritage that accompanies and emerges from it. Among our numerous objectives is to expand awareness and respect for this legacy through observation, interpretation and recognition of its value, both by visitors and local people.

3. Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

We contribute to the generation of beneficial interactions between travelers and the local population. Experiences should be enriching for the visitors, who fulfill their wish to know and live the local culture and society, and for the hosts, who can be favored by a social, cultural and economic revitalization of their communities.

4. Provide direct financial benefits for heritage conservation

Because social responsibility is for us more than words we pledge to donate part of our economic benefit to organizations, projects, activities and initiatives committed to the conservation of the natural, cultural and culinary heritage of the visited areas. This attitude can be developed through direct funding or by providing specific material resources which may be necessary.

We also promote the direct economic collaboration of travelers with those entities, projects, activities and initiatives, so that they can get steadily involved in the conservation of those values they have previously discovered and create collaborative networks in their places of origin.

5. Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people

Respectful and committed nature tourism has become a great opportunity for those areas that are biodiversity rich but socioeconomically depressed, or about to be, given that it has a capacity to be a serious, viable and sustainable development alternative, capable of contributing to the conservation of natural values while collaborating in the development of the areas that host and maintain them.

In the design and implementation of the proposed experiences, we give priority to local businesses when selecting our providers. We intend thereby to favor people who live and keep alive the visited area, contributing to the local economy and helping the local people to positively value their natural resources, respect and protect them.

We are permanently open to direct participation in the cultural and economic revitalization of the visited areas, through collaboration with entities whose activities are in line with two bird one stone’s values and beliefs, in their spheres of activity (associations of farmers, producers, restaurant and accommodation owners, local development, culture, sport, schools, training projects, conservation…)

Such collaboration can result in many different forms: joint publication of materials, conflict mediation, direct dissemination in our communication channels, participation in diffusion activities, sponsorship, endorsement, administrative assistance, intermediation…

6. Raise sensitivity to host country’s political, environmental, and social climate

We provide information previous and during the travel on various aspects: political, economic, social and cultural, especially those closely related to the natural environment visited.

Our commitments Two Birds One Stone

In two birds one stone we identify with the values underlying the system proposed by the movement Economy for the Common Good and we are committed, thus, to participate in this process, to create a common good balance sheet and work for the continuous improvement of this balance.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.